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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Edwin Gomes (Music Group)
Rock Band,1-Edwin Gomes -Lead Guitarist2-Amit Shibu- Percussionist3-Krishna Muskan- Saxophone4-Gautam Kumar - Octopad player5- Ricky Sharma - Keyboard player..
45,000 45,000
Ex Tax:45,000
Alfaazzz(band) Alfaazzz(band)
-11 %
Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Alfaazzz(band)
A band consisting of well trained guitarist, Singer, drummer, Casio player and additional musician(if required). Degree from London College of Music and Prayagraj Samiti, Allahabad. Worked in around 80+ Concerts and live shows including the function gatherings...
40,000 45,000
Ex Tax:40,000
Khamosh Band Khamosh Band
-13 %
Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Khamosh Band
 We're total 6 members Band. ..
26,000 30,000
Ex Tax:26,000
Prithvi-The Rock Band Prithvi-The Rock Band
-17 %
Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Prithvi-The Rock Band
Prithvi is a Patna based Sufi Rock and pop Band.we are 7team members  including one female singer. Charges will be increased out of station, hospitality included. ..
50,000 60,000
Ex Tax:50,000
Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Rust Rewired Band
Journey started 10years back ,more than 20,cover songs, videos of different genra available on you tube, ..
50,000 55,000
Ex Tax:50,000
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