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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: WHITISH JAIAMALA THEME DECORATION
Flowers are the language of love. What better way to confess your love by picking a gorgeous floral wedding jaimala stage? The stage is set up with a huge selection of flowers, as per your choices. Additionally, choose flowers with a hidden meaning. Not only does that act as a symbolic representatio..
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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: ATTRACTIVE MEHNDI THEME DECORATION
Haldi functions are all about fun and festive vibes. You can play around with different ideas and themes offered by expert florists and professional wedding decorators for your different ceremonies and be assured that your Haldi ceremony decoration will stand out from the rest. ONE squire shape..
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A Grand open stage theme for your jaimala is best for outdoor wedding. Whether it’s a day or night, this classic choice can easily morph into whatever colour scheme and theme you wish to stick to. If you’re feeling playful, get your buddies to join you in and pick you up before your partner lands th..
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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Beautiful Night Sky Decor
Are you a fan of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, aren’t you? If yes, then why are you looking at any other marriage decoration for your wedding festivity. Here is the best one, a night sky-inspired stage decor, which is something that looks stunning and is definitely for the hatke couples.One dark blue cur..
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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: BLUE ARCH THEME DECORATION
A gorgeous siffon canopy in shades of purple and pink should definitely top the list for your fairytale wedding ceremonies. This beautiful pastel dream can be your perfect background haldi ceremony decoration idea to fill the air with festive bliss. This striking combination with a contrasting hint ..
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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Bollywod JAIMALA THEME DECORATION
Bollywood couple’s weddings are no less than a dreamy fairytale. Why not take inspiration from your favorite Bollywood couple and recreate their jaimala shenanigans in your own wedding? That’s right, you can have your own Anushka Sharma or Priyanka Chopra wedding varmala theme are your doorstep. Fol..
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Bride To Be Silver Theme
New Free
Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Bride To Be Silver Theme
What you will get -  This Bride to be theme Girls Bechelor Party decorations kit pack of 117- 1 pc Bride To Be Silver Foil Balloon (09 Letter), 100 pc White Metallic Balloon, 2 pc Silver Curling Ribbon, 1 Pc LED string light , 1 Pc Bride to be sash, 2 pcs Party Popper, 1 pc Glue Dot, 1 pcs Arch..
Bride To Be Theme
New Free
Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: Bride To Be Theme
What you will get -  This Bride to Be theme Girls Bechelor party decorations kit pack of 83 - 1 pc Bride To Be Foil Balloon (09 Letter), 2 pc Silver Fringe Foil Curtain, 1 Packet Red Paper Fan Decoration , 1 Packet White Paper Fan Decoration, 50 Red Metallic Balloons, 5 Pcs Red Confetti Balloon..
Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: CREAMY WHITE JAIMALA THEME DECORATION
This kind of grand stage decoration is perfect for weddings that take place in open spaces. The sheer grandiosity of this stage decoration is awe-inspiring in itself. The use of pillars, flowers, and the right amount of white makes this a great Indian-themed marriage decoration for your stage.Three ..
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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: CURTAIN MEHNDI THEME DECORATION
How about shifting from the traditional yellow colour palette for your Haldi ceremony? You can create your background Haldi ceremony decorations as per any theme you like. Add the touch of fun and colourful elements like Rajasthani umbrellas, wooden furniture and gorgeous hanging floral arrangements..
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It is the best wedding stage decoration idea if the event is near a water body or a resort. Include the element of water in the stage as you decorate with flowers, foliage, and lightinga surrounding the water body. A unique and interesting take on wedding stage décor.Magical destination wedding, bro..
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Brand: Partymastiindia pvt. Ltd Model: DREAM CATCHER THEME DRCORATION
A full-frame mesh floral decor can definitely give your Haldi decorations an elegant twist. You can choose the traditional marigold arrangement with mango leaves or go for artificial floral decor to go easy on your pocket while planning an intimate wedding. This simple haldi decoration at home will ..
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